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During over 30 years of retail experience, many customers have asked us to recommend the best products and give them advice on how to solve their cleaning problems. In this section we would like to share our experience with you by recommending tried and tested products. PLEASE NOTE : All products recommended should be used in accordance with the manufacturers instructions and we will accept no liability for any damage caused by the use of recommended products.

How do I keep my granite worktop clean and shiny?

If you are using your worktop for food preparation, you can use Dettol Antibacterial Surface Cleanser spray to remove debris and disinfect your worktop. We recommend wiping over with a paper towel and then using an E-cloth to dry and buff to a shine. Once a week use Astonish Marble and Granite polish to keep your worktop shiny. If your granite worktop has smears or fingermarks , wet one corner of the E-cloth and wipe over the worktop then use the dry part of the E-cloth to buff to a shine.

How do I clean my ceramic hob?

Allow your hob to cool down completely then using a non-abrasive food scraper lift off any debris. Using a paper towel apply Hob Brite in circular motions. You will need to work quickly and make sure the product does not dry. Using a damp Spontex towel, wipe over the hob to completely remove any traces of HobBrite. Dry and buff using an E-cloth.

How do I clean the inside of my oven?

If you have an interior glass door we recommend using Mr Muscle Oven cleaner. This can also be used on the base and ceiling of your oven but NOT on any self-cleaning areas. Also please make sure you are wearing gloves as this is a very powerful product. To clean stainless steel oven shelves half fill your plastic bath with warm water and add Soda Crystals (ratios are given on the back of the pack). Soak stainless steel shelves in this solution overnight and next day just rinse them in water. The bath can be cleaned quickly using Cif Bathroom Mousse.

How do I keep my Stainless steel sink clean and shiny?

Our best selling product is Shiny Sinks. If you have an under-mounted sink you could also use Viakal , however for over-mounted or top-mounted sinks Viakal is very dangerous as it can ruin granite or any natural stone it comes into contact with so please be careful.

How do I remove 'Fat' stains?

Stains are best dealt with as soon as they occur. To remove a fat stain that has just happened sprinkle Talc on it before it dries. The talc will absorb the fat and then you can either spray on a stain remover such as Shout or Bio Tex and remove using a damp cloth, or spray on Shout or Bio Tex and wash in the washing machine using detergent. For older fat stains we recommend using Stain Devils Cooking Oil and Fat.

How do I remove grass stains?

If stains are fresh, spray on Shout or Bio Tex stain remover spray then wash in the machine using detergent plus a scoop of Vanish Oxi Action or Oxi Stain Remover. For older stains use Stain Devils Mud, Grass and Make-up.

How do I remove lipstick stains?

Spray stain liberally with normal hairspray such as Elnett and then scrub out without water.

How do I get rid of mould in my bathroom?

Mould is caused by a build up of condensation in the bathroom. Therefore in order to prevent this always open a window after you have had a hot bath or shower. In order to prevent the build up of condensation on your shower door spray Mr Muscle Shower Shine after each shower. To remove mould from bathroom ceilings as well as grout use Astonish Remover For Mould & Mildew.

How do I prevent the build-up of limescale in my toilet?

Our best selling products for the toilet are Harpic Limescale Remover and Domestos Bleach. These should be used regularly, but for stubborn stains we recommend using Harpic Limescale Remover tablets overnight aswell.

How do I remove stains inside vases?

Water rim stains caused by flower stalks can be removed by filling the vase with clean water up to the stained rim and adding 2 Steredent tablets and leaving to soak overnight.

How do I remove limescale stains from my bath?

Viakal is an excellent option for this, but cannot be used if you have any gold-plated fittings in your bath. For more stubborn stains we recommend using Ataka Kettle Descaler and Bath Stain Remover.

How do I keep my wooden floors clean?

Pledge Soapy Cleaner and Astonish No Rinse Wood Cleaner are good for washing both natural wood and laminate floors. We recommend that when using it on natural wood, as much water is squeezed out of the mop as possible, so that only a light coating is applied. This will mean your floor will not be saturated , the wood will be protected and the floor will dry quicker.

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